Tuesday, October 13, 2015

31 Days of Halloween 2015 - Day 11: Halloween Nail Ideas Roundup

Y'all, I am sucking at this everyday blogging thing.  Something about the time from October 1st-January 2nd.  It's insane in my life, apparently.  BUT, I love doing this, so I will catch up!!

For Day 11, I thought I'd find a roundup of some fun Halloween nail ideas.  I do NOT do a good job painting my own nails and could probably never come close to recreating any of these on my own.  Maybe I can sucker someone into doing one of these for me ;P

Tutorial by Oh My Gosh Polish

Spooky eyeball nails via Totally the Bomb

Matte gradient nails

Maleficent nails by Definitely Meg

Cool Cats

Graveyard Scene
Spider Nails

Jaws by SwellMayde

And these precious nails from Lacquered Lawyer

Do you go all out with your nails for holidays?  I'd love to see some pics of what y'all come up with!

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