Monday, February 23, 2015

My latest sweets

So, I was going through my photos and realized that there were a bunch of cookies and cupcakes that I hadn't written about yet, and figured I'd go ahead and do that while I was thinking about it.  Some of these are recent, some of these are from a long time ago :)

These little newspapers were for a "Newsie" themed first birthday party.  Such a great idea!!
I just did rectangles and stamped the words onto them with a gel food color/vodka mix.

I did the same stamping technique on these Anti-Valentine's Day cookies.  For the black ones, I used white color instead of black and rubbed them with powdered sugar for a chalkboard effect.

Same thing with the chalkboard monogram cookie here :)  There were a bunch of other cookies that went with this, but I didn't get any pictures before the customer showed up.  I was super bummed, because they were adorable!  Baby elephant themed for a baby shower in gray, white, and pink.

These were requested by a customer and are copies of a cookie by Ooh La La Baking Co.

A customer requested these after seeing this tutorial from Flour Box Bakery.

These were for an ice cream shoppe themed 2nd birthday party.  

When my niece turned 12, she was having a slumber party and wanted some sleep mask cookies.  I can't for the life of me find the original designer of these cookies, so if anyone knows, please let me know and I'll give credit :D

Minions!!  Gotta love 'em :D

And of course, some minion cupcakes.

Stock market and dollar signs for a stock broker Christmas present ;)

Hawaiian themed cookies for a customer.

Finally, for Valentine's this year, I decided to make mini cherry pies.  They were so good!  About the same size as a cookie, but made with pie crust and pureed cherry filling.  YUM.

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