Tuesday, December 2, 2014

25 Days of Christmas: Day 2 - Stocking Style 1

I've been seeing some adorable burlap/linen style stockings all over Pinterest, and I resolved that I was going to redo our stockings.  I resolved that last year - and it never happened :/  So this year, I'm making myself do it ;P  This style is for the boys and it actually not as hard as I thought it'd be.  I think I might do some sort of monogram or buttons or something - haven't decided that yet, though ;)

Okay, here's what you'll need:

This pattern
(I cut it in half and photocopied both sides at about 400-500%.  Can't remember which)
Main stocking fabric
Contrast fabric
Lining fabric

Print out your pattern - this pattern did NOT have seam allowance, so make sure that you cut the pattern with some extra around the edges.  Otherwise it will be a VERY skinny stocking.

Cut 2 stockings of your main fabric and 2 of your lining.  (Once you have cut one with the seam allowance, use that to cut the other ones out so that they are all the same size and shape)

Pin the pattern over your contrast fabric and cut out just the bottom foot portion of the contrast fabric.  This part I just eyeballed, so you can make it whatever shape you want.  Cut 2 of the toe pieces and 2 of the heel pieces.

 Pin the toe and heel pieces to both of the main stocking portions.  Baste around the outer sides and stitch regularly on the inner seams.  I didn't fold under or do anything - my contrast fabric is a linen-type and I kind of want it to fray to have some character.  If you don't, you could use some Fray Check glue or something similar.

Cut your cuffs.  Fold your contrast fabric and figure out how long you want  your cuffs to be.  Cut 2 rectangles on the fold the same width as the top of your stocking and as wide as the top of the stocking.

Open up those 2 rectangles and sew them down the sides, right sides together.  Fold back in half, so that the bottom is the fold and the edges will line up with the top of the stocking.  Set aside for a second.

Pin the main stocking pieces right sides together and sew around the edges, leaving the top open.  Flip right side out and press.

Wrap the cuff around the main stocking and line up the seams.  Baste together.

Make your loop - figure out how long and wide you want your loop to be.  Now cut a rectangle that is twice as wide and twice as long as you want the loop to be.  

Fold in and press the seam allowances on the long side of the rectangle.  

Then fold the whole thing in half lengthwise.  

Stitch the side seam closed.  

Now fold it in half and you have a loop :)  Baste the raw edges of the loop to the top of the stocking and cuffs so that it is facing down toward the bottom.

Sew your lining pieces in the same way as the main stocking pieces, only leave the top AND a section of the bottom open (for flipping purposes)  DO NOT turn right side out - leave it exactly as it is.

Tuck your main stocking with basted on cuff and loop into the lining - the right sides should be together.  Making sure that seams are lined up and the loop is still facing DOWN, stitch around the top of the stocking.

Using that hole in the bottom of your lining, pull the main stocking out of the lining.  It will look like this:

 Sew the hole in the lining closed and tuck the lining into the main stocking.

To finish it all off, roll the cuff all the way up and topstitch the main stocking fabric and the lining together.  Where the loop was, it was too thick, so I had to skip that section.  Not a big deal.  You just want the lining to lay down better.

And that's it!  Hang that beauty up and enjoy your handiwork :D  If you make one, I'd love to see what you come up with, so post pics in the comments!

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