Thursday, December 18, 2014

25 Days of Christmas: Day 18 - Figgy Pudding Hot Pad

There are several sewing projects on the queue today for orders, so I figured I'd take a few minutes and whip one of these up as well. I saw these cookies on Flickr and for whatever reason, my brain immediately went to hot pads ;P   It really didn't take that long - for sure no more than an hour.  

Here's how I did it:

You'll need:
Brown fabric
White fabric
Green felt
1 red button
thread/sewing macine/scissors
salad plate - it sounds weird, but just wait...

Take your salad plate and lay it upside down on a piece of paper.  Trace around the outside for your main piece template.

Do this again, but before cutting out, do a semi squiggle line half way down the page.

Cut 2 full circles out of brown fabric, 2 squiggle pieces of the white (yes, I'm very technical), 1-2 full circles of the insulated fabric (I did 1, but it's pretty thin...I'd say go for 2.) and 1 squiggle piece of the insulated fabric.

Iron your main fabric so it is smooth.  Lay both white squiggle pieces on top of the squiggle batting and pin along bottom edge. 

Sew close to the edge and clip corners.  Flip the top white piece to the back, pushing out the curves as you go.  Pin again and topstitch just along the bottom.

Baste the top of the white piece.

Cut 2 holly leaves out of green felt.  I totally eyeballed this, but you could cut out a template if you wanted to.  In all honesty, I WANTED to, but my printer has officially died, so I couldn't...very sad day for me :(

Pin the leaves where you want them, then sew them on close to the edge with your machine.  I didn't feel like switching out thread, so mine have "decorative" white stitching ;P

Hand sew the red button in the center of the 2 leaves.  Lay your white piece on top of one of the brown circles.  Pin and baste together along the edges, leaving the squiggles free.

Take the other brown circle and the insulated circle and pin them together.  You are going to quilt this one side of it.  Do a bunch of regular lines going one direction, then do it again perpendicular to the lines you just did.  Boom.  I'm so precise, which is why quilting is my best work...*ahem - that's a lie*

 Lay your circles right sides together and sew them, leaving a space open to flip right side out.

Trim the seam, then flip right side out and press.  Check to see how your hand fits.  The white part was really loose on me and didn't feel right, so I tacked the white part down through the center in a couple spots to adjust the fit.

If you want a loop, pin it inside your opening as you pin it closed and topstitch the brown part only.  Press again if needed.

All done!!  

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