Tuesday, October 21, 2014

31 Days of Halloween 2014 - Day 21: 50 "Boo"tiful Ghost Ideas

If you've hung around here for any length of time, you know that I LOVE Halloween, but not so much the scary stuff.  I adore all the cutesy, silly Halloween stuff.  Add some googly eyes or a mustache to it, and I'm going to adore it ;P

As I was looking back over my Halloween pins, I realized that a lot of them were cute ghosts - recipes, decor, etc.  So, I figured to make it easier to find them all at once, I'd come up with a Ghostly roundup of cute and fun ghost items.  Here we go :D

1. Ghost t-shirt from That's What Che Said
2.  Friendly Ghost Tutu Gown via Etsy (Apparently no longer available and I can't find who the vendor was.  If you know, please let me know - I'd love to give them credit!!
3. Kawaii Halloween earrings from Sentimental DollieZ on Etsy
4.  Ghost Bow from Giggles and Frills on Etsy
5.  Baby Ghost Gown via Etsy (Also no longer available and I can't find who the vendor was.  If you know, please let me know - I'd love to give them credit!!)
6. Sparkle Ghost Ruffle Dress on Zulily (no longer available, but cute inspiration!!)
7. Ghost Hoodie from EmandSprout on Etsy

1.  Amigurumi Little Ghostie crochet pattern by Karla Fitch on Ravelry
2. Ruffle Ghost from right here :)
3. Heart Print's Ghost Card
4. Minieco's Ghost treat boxes
5. Friendly Ghost crochet pattern by Liz Ward on Ravelry
6. Floating Cheesecloth Ghost from Love and Laundry
7. Josephine Wu's Baby Ghost ornament crochet pattern on Ravelry
8. Halloween Hipster Ghost crochet pattern by Crafteando
9. You're Too Crafty's Ghost Decor
10. Ghost Runner on eHow
11. Love Sweet Love's Ghost Prints
12. Free Ghost Cross Stitch Pattern from Yours Truly ;)

1. Leaf Ghosts on Handimania
2. Hand towels from Zulily (no longer available, but cute inspiration!)
3. Pop-Up Ghosts from Better Homes and Gardens
4. Freaking Craft's Ghost Printable
5. Ghost Cloche from Chic on a Shoestring
6. Ghost Refrigerator from Jean's Crafty Corner
7. Ornaments from Lova Revolutionary
8. Ginger and George's Ghost Garland
9.  Mustache Ghost from Fuzz On Me
10. Formula Mom's Ghost Chair Covers
11. Eighteen25's Spirit Jugs

1. Ghost poop and labels from Lettering Delights
2. Nutter Butter Ghosts from Bunches and Bits
3. Dippin' Ghosts from Rhodes Bread
4. Ghost Lollipops on Pinterest from Inside Toronto Real Estate
5. Ghostly Peeps Brownies from Home is Where the Boat Is
7. Ghost Strawberries on About Food
8. One Little Project's Banana ghosts
9.  White Chocolate Covered Ghost Twinkies from Crazy Little Projects
10.  Ghost pancakes from Gourmet Mom on the Go
11. Family Fresh Meal's Halloween Hot Cocoa
12. Ghost Cookies from Make Me Cake Me
13.  Ghost Cake Pops from Sweet Whimsy
14. Ghost Cupcake Cones from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

1. KB Custom Designs' Ghostly pumpkin bowling
2. Ghost Toss from Mess for Less
3. Smoking Boo Bombs on Growing A Jeweled Rose
4. The Golden Gleam's Ice Ghosts
5. Ghost Ring Toss from Carnival Savers


  1. So much ghostly goodness!! Thanks for including our Spirit Jugs.

  2. Absolutely! They're adorable :D

  3. Such fun Halloween ideas. Thanks for using my image (#2 Ghost Cookies - Nutter Butter). I would appreciate link back credit (Hub Pages is using my image without permission or link back credit. Thanks - Karina


  4. Absolutely!!! Just fixed it! I couldn't find you to put as the original source, so thank you so much for contacting me! Consequently, if anyone else knows of a photo that's not linked to properly, please let me know and I will fix it. I want to give credit where credit is due :D Thanks!!

  5. Thank You Laura. I appreciate your quick response and updated link. I realize your original find on Hub Pages sadly does not offer link credit for any of their images used (hoping they will fix that also). Adorable things on your blog - I've enjoyed looking around.

  6. Of course :D Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!


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