Tuesday, October 14, 2014

31 Days of Halloween 2014 - Day 13: Reverse Applique Mug Rug

For those of you following along, I missed a day yesterday - I had 300 cookies that I had to finish for an order and was insanely busy, so I'm posting 2 today ;P

I've had this fabric since last year, and I had used it for a few projects but wanted to make more - I love this fabric!!  When I saw this tutorial from Sometimes Crafter, I knew exactly what I wanted to make :D  Halloween mug rugs!!  I don't have pinking shears, so I did mine a little bit differently.

First, I cut a square out of a piece of paper for a pattern piece.  You can make yours any size you'd like.  Fold in half both ways to find the center point and mark with a pencil.

For the circle, I used a ribbon spool and while you can't see it in the picture, I lined up the center dot in the center of the hole, then traced around the whole spool.

I used my cuticle scissors to cut out the center circle - use the sharp point to punch a hole in the center, then cut from there to the line and around.

Lay your center circle over the fabric that you want as your center piece and cut a square around it, leaving plenty of room for sewing.  This is called making a fussy cut, or so I've read ;P

Lay your square pattern piece on the back side of your main fabric and trace around the circle.  Cut out the center circle the same way you did with the pattern piece.  Also cut out a back square, but don't cut a circle out of it.

Lay the top fabric over the smaller center piece and pin together.

Stitch around the circle - I zigzagged around 3 times in white thread.  I just liked the effect it gave.  Press flat with an iron.

Cut a piece of fusible fleece the same size square and iron onto the back of your front piece.

Put your front and back fabric pieces right sides together and sew around the edges, leaving a space open for flipping.  I usually make sure that I sew all the corners with the machine and leave the open space on a side. 

Clip your corners.

Flip right side out, press, and topstitch around the edge, stitching the open space closed, and you're done!!  

Enjoy your cute little mug rug :D

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