Saturday, October 11, 2014

31 Days of Halloween 2014 - Day 11: 31 ADORBS No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

(Really, it's more like 35, because I got a little carried away.)

Based on the stats from my blog analytics, there are a lot of other people out there like me that just don't like carving pumpkins ;P  My post from 2012 with no-carve pumpkin ideas has been one of my most popular to date - and for good reason.  Those ideas are adorable and considerably less messy than gutting a pumpkin.

I thought I'd share some more ideas that I found this year on Pinterest.  I can already tell you that I will be trying several of these in my own house :D

1.  Better Recipes' Menu Pumpkins
2. Arrow Pumpkin from DIY Confessions
3.  Plaster Pumpkin from Timewashed
4. Country Living's Chalk Pumpkins

1.  Love Sweet Love's Fabric pumpkins
2.  Fabric pumpkins from HGTV

1.  Magia Mia's Glow in the dark bones
2. I Love to Create's glow in the dark pumpkins
3. Glow in the dark face from Wonder How To

2.  Annilygreen's mustaches
3.  Confetti pumpkins from The Swell Designer
4. Debbie Doo's Monogram pumpkin
5.  House number pumpkins from A Diamond in the Stuff
6.  Blinged out pumpkin from Her campus
7. String art pumpkin from Magia Mia
8. Spider pumpkin from The Kim Six Fix
9. Punk Pumpkind from The V Spot

1. Curious George from Paper Perfection
2.  Minion
4. R2D2 from Cut Out and Keep
5. Ombre pumpkins from Funky Time
6. Home state pride from Formal Fringe
7.  A Night Owl's Neon pumpkins
9. Pumpkin trio from A Diamond in the Stuff
10. Faux Bois from The Country Chic Cottage
11. Alisa Burke's painted pumpkins
12. Cute painted Ghost and chain from Lacquer and Linen
13.  Gilden Pumpkins from LollyJane
14.  Fox Hollow Cottage's luster pumpkins
15.  The cutest little donuts from Babble

Melted Crayon Pumpkins from Crafty Morning

String Art Pumpkins from Houseologie



  1. Lots of great ideas! Thanks for including me ;) Pinned!!

  2. Absolutely! I love your ideas :D

  3. Thanks for including ours! XO

  4. Thanks for sharing your amazing ideas with the world :D They're wonderful!

  5. What are the silver pieces used on the Gumball Machine one?

  6. I wish I knew! You could maybe check out the scrapbooking section of Hobby Lobby - they have a bunch of stuff like that. The closest I can think of is an apothecary pull like this: Sorry I'm not more help!


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