Friday, August 15, 2014

DIY Cake Stand for Under $20

For our vow renewal ceremony, I promised myself that I would make as much as I could by myself.  There was no budget for this, so I had to get creative.  The dress I wore?  I made it.  And I wanted to shoot something while I did it, because SATIN IS FROM THE DEVIL, I tell you!!  Satin - Satan…even it's name gives it away.  Anyhoo, this post is not about my dress.  It's about the cake stand.

I knew I wanted something for cupcakes, because let's be honest - I am NOT good at making those fancy decorated cakes.  They require a level of skill that I obviously have not mastered yet.  Royal icing cookies?  Sure!  Cookies are forgiving.  You screwed that one up?  Scrape it off and start again!  You jacked up that cake?  Well, you are out of luck, friend.  Too much stress for this girl…

What was I talking about?  Right.  Sorry.  It's late and I'm tired.  Cake stands.  I looked online, and all the ones I liked that would hold a decent amount of cupcakes were close to $100.  No budget, no thanks.  So I set my sights on Pinterest to find something that would work for us.  I found this idea.  Cover boxes in wrapping paper and stack for a cute cupcake stand!  BRILLIANT!

This proved to be a little more difficult than I thought it might be originally.  First hurdle to overcome - find the perfect size boxes.  This required a trip to the Container Store and some time spent stacking their display boxes in the aisles.  I think I made the clerk a little uncomfortable, because he kept asking if I needed help.  "No thanks, I'll be out of your hair in a second!"  My poor husband had to walk away with the kids - I think I was embarrassing him ;P

Turns out the closest I could get was a 24"x24"x6" box for the bottom (can't find a link for it - sorry!), a 16"x16"x10 1/2" box for the middle and an 8"x8"x7" box for the top.  This worked out GREAT because then I used an 8" brownie pan for the cake topper.  I think I paid about $10 total for all the boxes.  I ended up just measuring to the shortest height (6") and trimming all the boxes down with a pair of scissors because I couldn't find our box cutter :/

(On the cut-down boxes, you will have an open side.  Obviously, you will want this to be on the bottom so that you can securely stack things on top without worrying about them ripping through the paper and falling into the box.  It also makes it a little more difficult to wrap the boxes, but with a little finagling, you can work it all out.  Also, make sure that the ends of the wrapping paper are on the bottom and out of sight.)

The Container Store has THE CUTEST wrapping paper - and SO EXPENSIVE!  DEF not in my budget.  But you know what is?  Dollar Tree.  Yup, I'm classy like that.  They have big rolls of kraft paper for a dollar each in their shipping/mailing supplies section.  You know how many it took me to cover all three boxes?  ONE.  Seriously.  So I paid A DOLLAR to cover all those boxes.  Total up to $11, folks.

The edges were left looking a little funky, so I needed to cover it with something.  I found this burlap and lace table runner at Walmart for $6.  It was too wide for the depth of the boxes, so I cut it in half down the center, and it was enough to go around all three boxes and then some.  I just got out my trusty glue gun and glued one end down, then wrapped it around, (holding it very gracefully between my knees as I sat on the floor) gluing the sides as I went, folded the final edge over and glued it down.

Once they were all done, I stacked them on top of each other and put them on the table.  It turned out pretty well, I think :D

When we were done, I just ripped off the paper and burlap and tossed them.  I'm keeping the boxes for if I ever need a cupcake stand again - it could be used for birthday parties, Christmas get-togethers - I'm pretty excited about the possibilities!!

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