Saturday, February 1, 2014

Our "Fun" *ahem* Surprise

So, based on the condition of the carpet in the rest of our house, we knew that there could be some other spots of animal urine that we hadn't found yet.  But we've lived here for six months and hadn't really smelled anything, so we figured we were mostly in the clear.  And then WHAM.  I was cleaning up the kids' toys in the playroom last night and WHOOSH, a waft of pee smell hit me in the face.  I mean, was pungent.  I walked into the corner by their toy bin, and didn't even have to look any further for the culprit.  Yikes.

Hubs was working on installing the baseboards in that room today, and I asked him if he could just treat that corner before putting it in.  Here I was, thinking he'd just peel back the carpet, spray it with some Nature's Miracle enzyme spray, maybe get the boards with primer, and be done with it.  He did that, but then he decided to check every corner in the room.  And sure enough, more pee spots.  Good night, that poor animal.  At least they weren't as dark as the stains in the dining and study.

Now we realize that in the much-sooner-future than we had anticipated, we are going to have to replace the carpet upstairs.  It's the pad that has soaked up the majority of the urine, and there's just not much you can do about that I guess.  And to think, that carpet won't even be a year old until March :/  So sad.

This corner was still wet :/  Had to dry before Hubs could spray it... So gross.

Someday.  Someday, this house will not be disgusting and we won't find anymore nasty surprises from the previous owners.  All the nasty surprises will be from our kids ;P

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