Saturday, December 7, 2013

Toys in embarrassing and awkward situations.

My children really enjoy taking creative license with their toys.  They very rarely play with them the way they were intended to be played with.  A headband and toy baby bib become a pirate eye patch.  Toy coins become pancakes that they" cook" and "eat".  Things like that.  But sometimes, I'll find toys in random places and positions that make me laugh out loud.  Here are a few for your viewing pleasure during this Icepocalypse ;P

Wearing the build-a bear shoes

Hanging her baby up by its toes.  

I think you cut that bear's hair a little TOO short, sweetie...

Elmo the stalker

I walked into the room, saw this, and immediately thought of this song...

Someone got their hair did...with spit...

The Barbie zombie apocalypse came to our house.  That, or they all got food poisoning.  Not sure which.

Nice makeup job, kiddo.

At least he's smiling while he's tortured over the burner.

Eugene had a rough night apparently...there are way too many inappropriate subtitles I could give this one.  I will refrain.

Giddyup cowgirl!  Er, I mean Bobcat.

This is a toy spider they left on the floor - under a pile of dirty laundry that I had to wash, no less.  I can only assume it was to give me a massive heart attack.

Legos make the best tree decorations.

More haircuts...

And some mural painting.

And this last one was not done by my kids, but this is seriously how someone packaged the doll for resale at a JBF sale.  Creepy...

Got any funny pictures of your kids' toys in compromising and awkward situations??  I'd love to see 'em!


  1. If you could only post the "stories" that the kids are making up "as they go" (in college Speech Class 101 -Extemporaneous Speaking). If there had been laptops, computers, phones with cameras back in the day, you might have opened my back door after observing and thinking "how sweet" that my kids are swinging & singing together a song at the top of their lungs. Reality Check: They were singing "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" re-edited to "The Pee Will Come Out Tomorrow"...... Soooo glad my house was at the back of the cul-de-sac!


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