Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The most ridiculous coat closet in the history of ever...

Well, maybe not EVER, but for the size of our house, it's pretty stinkin' ridiculous. Let's see, our house is over 3,000 sq ft., and the coat closet is a 2'x2' space. Yes, it goes up pretty high, but for all intents and purposes, that space is useless except for longterm storage. The everyday stuff just has to be down where the kids can reach it, and my husband really wanted to get it ALL in there so it's not out in the foyer. Yikes. So, here's what I attempted:

It. Is. AWFUL.  There's not even a light in there - OR in the little area outside of it :/  I'm thinking hubby may be doing some electrical work soon ;P

I found this wire basket stand thingy that's numbered 1 to 4, so I figured that could hold all the kids' shoes.  Then, I tried to hang hooks on the walls around it at different heights so the kids could reach it, but let's just say that our walls are made of floam, because the screws - AND anchors - came right out of the wall.  Ugh.  No clue what to do about that now, so I have the kids' coats shoved into their shoe bins.  And the backpacks are just resting on the floor.  Ideally, I'll find a way to get little baskets for mittens/hats/etc., and some sort of organization system for their school papers.  Oy vey.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :D


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