Monday, December 23, 2013

Moss covered Monogram tutorial

Well, Christmas is almost upon us, and I have been so insanely busy, it's been hard for me to even just sit and take a breath.  I found out today that I did not, as previously thought, strain a ligament in my foot.  Instead, I have a stress fracture.  Oh, goody ;P  Custom orthotics, here I come!  I'm bringing sexy back ;P  Ha!

Anyhoo, since I just haven't had time to document anything I've done recently, thought I'd pull out something I did a while ago.  SUPER easy.  If you have a glue gun, you can do this.

Bag of moss
Glue gun and glue sticks
Wooden monogram - or any kind of monogram, I guess.  The possibilities are endless ;)

I've seen several tutorials on this via Pinterest, including herehere, and here.

I know the picture shows Mod-podge as the glue of choice - but I quickly learned that it was not going to cut it and I needed the sturdiness and fast-drying nature of hot glue.  Trust me...
 Glue patches of moss to the monogram with hot glue.  Seriously, that's it.  When you're done, if you want, you can spray it with a clear sealer, or if it's not green enough for you, you can spray paint it with a touch of green as well.  AND...that's it.

You can put it on a shelf or hang it in a vintage frame with ribbon.

Once my hutch is done and in place in the dining room, I want to do this:

Have fun :D


  1. Thanks for sharing my link, Laura. Your moss letter looks great!

    1. Thanks!! You guys have some amazing projects - thanks for inspiring us all :D

  2. Thanks for sharing my link. I love the look of moss letters. I hope you get to sit some this holiday season and rest your foot.

    1. Thanks! Now that things are dying down, I hope to sit down and make everyone else do everything ;P Ha ha!

  3. This IS super easy. I'm adding this to my DIY list {if I don't win the giveaway, lol!}.


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