Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Newly stained cabinets

Well, I decided to try my hand at staining cabinets, the idea for which came from this post by Monica Wants It.  I forgot to take a before picture, so here's a picture of our other bathroom - basically the exact same thing, at least as far as color is concerned.

(I lied - I found one that the realtor had taken:)

I bought the General Finishes Java gel stain - which I now am IN LOVE WITH.  It seriously is amazing.  I used her sock trick and it went on so well and smoothly, I don't know that I'll ever use a different stain ever again unless I have to.  Well worth the $50 I spent online.

I only did 2 coats of the stain, and honestly, I didn't notice much of a difference between one and two coats - not sure if I did something wrong or not.  Either way, I decided that I liked that it was just subtly darker, so I kept it at 2 instead of going on to three.  I also only did 2 coats of the satin poly instead of the three recommended on the can.  Hopefully it holds up alright ;P

Oh, and word to the wise - if you choose to do this project, be VERY careful how you dispose of the socks and gloves.  The stain is oil-based, and therefore cloths, rags, etc. soaked in it can spontaneously combust.  Yeah, didn't know that and I'm pretty sure there could have been a catastrophe in my house had I not read the can the next night.  I. FREAKED. OUT.  I had seriously just shoved them in a big trash bag and left them in the bathtub in that bathroom - which is in between my kids' rooms.  **Breathe, Laura, Breathe**

Long story short, I did some research and learned that as long as the cloths are dry (read that as crunchy and completely not wet at all), then they can be disposed of in a trash can.  You just want to lay them flat to dry, so that heat can not build up and cause it to combust.  BE SAFE, PEOPLE!

Okay, enough with the talking, Laura.  Here are the after pictures.  I added handles that I found at Hobby Lobby (large for the drawers, and small for the cabinets).  Black-topped screws are EXPENSIVE, so I just bought regular wood screws and spray painted the tops, touching up the paint after installation (I just sprayed some paint into a little medicine cup and used a Q-tip.  Be sure to wear gloves - which I did not - and do over a drop cloth - which I also did not - so you avoid getting paint splatter all over your hands and garage floor.  Oops.  Learn from my mistakes, friends...)

Before and After :D

Now I just have to paint the trim, recaulk everything, and reinstall all the fixtures ;P


  1. Yet another project I'm adding to my list of things to do someday...I have your blog to look back on for all the great tips!

  2. Aw, thanks!! I'm ready for all this junk to be done with!


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