Friday, August 30, 2013

Backsplash and Kids' Bathroom Update

Okay, so last time I posted about the kitchen backsplash in Part 1, I had only painted one tiny section behind what will be the coffee bar.  Well, I went ahead and got brave and painted the tile behind the stove.

First, I stripped the grout at the counter line and cleaned the tile with a mixture of ammonia and water - because this thing was GREASY and NASTY...

See?  That's the color the water was to begin with on the right, and what it looked like after cleaning the backsplash on the left.  Blech.

Then I followed the same routine as last time - 2 coats of oil based primer, one coat of oil based paint letting some of the primer show through for texture.  

One coat of primer

Painting the second coat of primer

These two were after the oil paint - and that dark grout drove. me. crazy.  Everything was now light except that.

So I bought grout paint.

MUCH better :D

And for a side-by-side, because I love these :D

And a final side by side of before and after:

For Part 3 of my forays into kitchen backsplash painting, go here.

 I also finished painting the kids bathroom - except for under the vanity.  Totally forgot under the vanity ;P  But it already feels so much more open and clean.

Sorry it's blurry - lighting is not great yet
The in-progress shot taken by my 7 year old ;P
Yeah...forgot that section...
Also, common sense bathroom painting tip #1 - don't paint ABOVE the toilet before you paint BEHIND the toilet, or this will happen to you ;P  Yeah...not my finest moment...Ha ha!


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