Wednesday, July 10, 2013


As the title suggests, I have a confession to make.  I know that I've written a couple of blog posts so far about the condition of the house that we bought and how gross I thought the people were for leaving it like that.  In all honestly, the house we're living in right now probably isn't much better.  I mean, I have 4 kids, a small business, and a complete and utter lack of motivation to clean most days.  If I'm being completely honest with myself, there's probably a lot more about the previous owners that I can relate to than I'm letting on.  Because really, it wouldn't be as funny then, right??

Now, I don't have cat pee that I've covered up in corners and I definitely don't have vomit on the walls (I don't think, anyway...), but there is toothpaste on the carpet in our hallway and dry erase marker all over my kids' bedroom.  I don't like showing off those bits of myself because it's not pretty and it's, quite frankly, embarrassing.  Who wants to show the world their junk?  It's much funnier to point and laugh at others'.

I think, more than anything, what appalled me about the previous owners is that they LEFT IT THAT WAY.  They didn't care who saw it or had to deal with it.  They just packed up and left.  I can't even fathom doing that.  We're in the process of cleaning out our own junk from our rental and as I see all the grossness that I wasn't aware of emerge, I keep thinking "There is no way on EARTH that I would want someone else having to deal with that!"

So, for the purpose of clearing the air, I do not in any way think I am better than the previous owners of our new home.  That was never my heart nor my intention to convey that to anyone.  More than anything, I want to show how my husband and I will transform this house that God has blessed us with into a home for our children to grow up in - and maybe share a few giggles along the way.

Thanks for sticking with us along this journey :D

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