Sunday, June 9, 2013


Perspective - it's an amazing thing.  It can take a benign object or action and turn it into any number of things.  For instance, take an empty toilet paper tube.  To one person, it's trash.  To another (like my son), it becomes a pirate spyglass.  Or if you're like this woman, it's just waiting to become a work of art.  One thing, many interpretations.  I've been thinking a lot about perspective lately, and how it affects my attitude.  So often, I say "I have to do..." - fill in the blank.  The dishes, the laundry, etc.  But each and every one of these mundane tasks has more eternal purpose than I realize.

When I serve my children, I'm showing them how to serve.  Do I begrudgingly wash dishes while grumbling under my breath?  I shouldn't be (though sometimes I admit that I do.)  God desires a cheerful giver.  But how do you change your perspective on things that seem so...tiring and pedantic?  It's as simple as a one-word change.

"I GET to."

I GET to wash the dishes so my children have clean plates to eat off of.  I"m thankful that we have dishes to wash and food to make those dishes dirty.

 I GET to wash and fold and put away clothes.  I'm thankful we have been so blessed with so many outfits and I'm thankful for kids healthy enough to get them dirty.

I GET to clean my house and I am thankful for shelter and a place to live safely.

I GET to stay home and raise my children.  I'm thankful because apart from my marriage, no other relationship on earth has mirrored so accurately and profoundly for me my relationship with God through Christ.

I challenge you all to change one little word in your day to day vocabulary.  You GET to live this life and do the most damage to the kingdom of darkness while you're here.  We are arrows in God's arsenal and He's shooting us straight into the heart of the enemy.  We raise our children to be and do the same. What a gift and I'm so glad I get to :)

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