Saturday, October 20, 2012

31 Days of Halloween 2012 - Day 20: The Black Widow Necklace

I bought a bunch of these black glitter spiders last year, and it's taking me forever to figure out what to do with them.  I've got one project so far with one, but I needed more.  So here's another one:  The Black Widow Necklace.  But this one has a sweet little touch added with a little heart gemstone.  I feel like it "softens" it a bit ;)

Here's how you do it:

Plastic glitter spider
heart gemstone
hot glue and gluegun
jewelry chain
split rings
split ring pliers
regular pliers
jewelry awl

(Please excuse my nail polish in these pictures - my 3 year old was bound and determined to paint my nails and I haven't gotten it off yet ;P)

Take your jewelry awl and poke holes big enough for a ring of chain to pass through in your spider on both sides of its "abdomen".

Using your two sets of pliers,  twist (from front to back, don't try to pull the sides apart) a ring off your chain like you would a jump ring (see link below for tutorial), and using pliers, push the ring through the hole and twist back together, pushing the pieces tightly back together so your necklace doesn't fall apart.  Do on both sides of the abdomen.

Do the same thing with another ring, only leave it attached to the chain and attach to the ring on the spider.  Now you have one side of your chain attached to the spider.

Figure out how long you want the chain to be and separate a ring at that length, leaving it attached to your spider chain.  Attach that ring to the spider.  You now have a loop of chain.  But how to get it on your neck?  Figure out where you want your clasp to be (If you want the spider directly in front, do it half way along the chain.  If you want the spider off center, like I did, do your clasp off center as well.)

Split a ring as previously where you want your clasp.  Tighten back up.  Attach a split ring using your split ring pliers to both sides of the chain, and attach a clasp (I used a lobster clasp) to one split ring, also using your pliers.  Here is a good video tutorial on how to do all of this)

The final touch is to hot glue the gemstone onto the spider - I did it at a little angle for a bit of cuteness.

And you're done :D  I think this is too cute!  Especially on my 3 year old ;)

***I fully recognize that any amount of intelligence or creativity I have is a gift from God.  What I have been freely given, I freely give.  But if you choose to use these tutorials to sell items from, I would ask that you consider joining the Let Justice Flow Initiative, where you commit to donating either 10% of the total purchase price of each item, or designate a specific item for sale where the entire purchase price is donated to an organization that helps fight injustices around the world.  There are specific groups listed to give you an idea on the LJF page.  And feel free to snag the LJF button and put it on your page or etsy site.  Thanks!!***

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