Monday, October 8, 2012

31 Days of Halloween 2012 - Day 6: Easy Peasy Spider Ring might notice this is a few days late.  Weekends are tough for me to blog on.  I'll have to get on the ball and come up with something ahead of time so I'm not late next weekend.  But better late than never, right??  This post is super easy and really creepy.  I found these spiders at Michael's last year, and to the best of my knowledge, they still have them there.  I think they have different colors, too.  Seriously, these spiders really creep me out and make me not want to wear this ring, but it's pretty awesome, too - so I resist my squeamishness.  Here's all you need:

Ring blank (You can get these at most craft stores - check out this link to get an idea of what I'm talking about.)
E6000 glue, Krazy glue or hot glue and gun (if you want it really sturdy, use the E6000 or the Krazy glue.  The Krazy glue is pretty much instant dry, but the chemicals in it can sometimes mess up the item being glued if it's plastic.  E6000 is sturdy, but has to dry overnight.  I'm lazy, so I went with the hot glue.)
Plastic glitter spider

Step 1: Put some glue on the underside of your spider.
Step 2: Press spider onto the ring blank pad and hold tightly for a few seconds to secure.  Let cool if hot glue gun, let dry if other types of glue.
And you're done!

See, I told you this'd be easy ;)

Now, go out and wear that sucker everywhere and freak people out!

***I fully recognize that any amount of intelligence or creativity I have is a gift from God.  What I have been freely given, I freely give.  But if you choose to use these tutorials to sell items from, I would ask that you consider joining the Let Justice Flow Initiative, where you commit to donating either 10% of the total purchase price of each item, or designate a specific item for sale where the entire purchase price is donated to an organization that helps fight injustices around the world.  There are specific groups listed to give you an idea on the LJF page.  And feel free to snag the LJF button and put it on your page or etsy site.  Thanks!!***

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