Thursday, October 25, 2012

31 Days of Halloween 2012 - Day 25: Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Great pumpkin carving instructions here

If you read my post yesterday, then you know pumpkin carving is not exactly my "thing".  But if you are one of those that absolutely LOVES it, I thought I'd post some cool ideas, tips and tricks that I've found via Pinterest and other sources.  Here you go :D

Martha Stewart's translucent monogram pumpkins

Another style of monogram pumpkin

Martha's scary etched silhouettes pumpkins

Pumpkin Hearth

Lantern pumpkins

Stacked Skeleton pumpkins

And some tips and tools:

Chess Piece stencil a la Twilight

Creepy Crow or Raven stencil

Pumpkin Carving tips and tricks from HGTV

Pumpkin preservation tip

And for some pictures that will make you feel 100% inadequate in your pumpkin carving skills, check out this guy's work.  He's phenomenal!  (And he's from Texas, which I'm pretty sure is why he's awesome ;P)

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