Friday, October 12, 2012

31 Days of Halloween 2012 - Day 12: Best Maternity Costume Ideas

I could always go as a pregnant Jessica Simpson ;)  - photo source

I have been pregnant around Halloween with all 4 of my children, but with my oldest I didn't know it yet.  My last three, I have been BIG pregnant and let's just say that most preggo Halloween costumes aren't that great.  With my daughter, Charlotte, I dressed up as some sort of weird goth vampiress thing and completely disregarded the preggo theme.  With my son, Drew, I tried to be a pregnant school girl, but just ended up looking like I was dressed for church but with the addition of some argyle knee-high socks.  If people have to ask what you are, not the best costume.  With this, my last child, I really want to do something funny that incorporates my pregnancy.

So, in my search for great ideas, I have found these brilliant gems.  Which one do y'all think I should do??

Juno costume - from this website

Pregnant housewife and milkman - from this website

Skeleton with baby skeleton, from this website

I love that the costumes on this website are called "Costumes for the Heavily Pregnant".  Bah ha ha!!


I found this on Pinterest and have NO idea where it came from - does anyone out there know so I can give credit??

I'm trying to convince my husband that he needs to dress up as Darth Vader so I can go as the Death Star - but he really hates dressing up.  Maybe y'all can convince him!  

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