Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 Days of Halloween 2012 - Day 11: Superhero Cape Tutorial and Pattern

My son, Drew, is 2 1/2 years old this year, and we were going back and forth on what he would be for Halloween.  I'll admit, most of his ideas I tried to redirect because I'm almost 9 months pregnant and I really didn't want to do that much work.  So when he said "I want to be Diego!", my thoughts went to making a vest and backpack.  Doable, but still a bit more work than I would like.  Then I saw this picture online:

Superman/Clark Kent kids' costume

And I thought - we could totally do that!!  We've got dress pants, a white button up, a tie, nice shoes and even glasses (3D movie glasses with the lenses popped out will be perfect!) - so all I'd have to make is the shirt.  I was sold, and when I suggested it to him, he actually loved the idea of being a superhero.  I got all the supplies for his shirt (Day 14) at Walmart, but couldn't find what I needed for my daughter's cat tail (see Day 9).  Off to Joann's I went looking for that tail, and while we were there, my son starts excitedly telling me that he needs a "Supa Heewo Tape".  Truly, I had no idea what he was talking about.  It took me about 5 times of him saying it before it dawned on me - "Superhero CAPE".  OHHHHH!  Totally wasn't even on my radar.  Okay, that sounded easy enough.  I made a Snow White cape a few years back for my oldest - relatively easy shape to do.  Good.  I found some red shimmery fabric on sale for $3.99/yard.  Best $3.99 I ever spent.  That sweet little boy was holding on to the fabric while we walked around the store like it was gold, and told everyone that he saw that it was going to be his cape, that he was Superman, and he was going to super fly ;)

Now, on to the details of how I did it:

I actually found the cape pattern from my daughter's Snow White pattern in the closet (SCORE!), so I tweaked it to make it a superhero cape.  If you have more fabric and more time, you are going to cut 2 of the cape on the fold and use one as lining.  Sew them right sides together, leaving a gap, then flip and topstitch.  I didn't buy enough fabric, so I just folded the raw edges under and zigzag stitched.  Here's the pattern.  Tape pages together 2 wide and 3 long, matching lines and words, then cut out.

So, first, fold your fabric in half.

Lay your pattern with the short side on the fold and pin.

Here's my son, waiting ever-so-impatiently for his cape.

Cut around the pattern, leaving some seam allowance, which I forgot to add.  Sorry about that.

Open it up, fold under raw edges and pin, then sew.  I did neckline first, then bottom, then sides, then top of tabs.  

I would've taken more pictures but the lighting was horrible today...
Get some sewable velcro and sew one side to the top of one tab and the other side to the bottom of the other tab.  And that's it :D

My happy little superhero doing his superhero pose ;)

And here he is running around the backyard as a superhero - sans pants.  He literally ran around the yard about 15 times he was so excited.  When I gave him the cape, he threw his hands over his mouth and gasped "Oh, Mommy!  I LOVE it!"  I love that little man!

Moments like these make me smile :D

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