Saturday, April 1, 2017

Dining Hutch Redo

When we bought our current house, I was ECSTATIC that we finally had a separate dining room!  Every place we'd ever lived had a little section off of the kitchen for a breakfast table and that was in.  I've been in love with the idea of a full, beautiful dining set.  But those suckers are EXPENSIVE.  Fortunately, my in-laws were gracious enough to give us their old dining set. It is a beautiful set with great design, but the colors just didn't match our house or decor.

For those of you that know my husband, you know he is a perfectionist.  Like, BIG TIME.  He originally started out this project by stripping all of the chairs - taking them apart, even, to make sure that they were done correctly.  Then he massively burned out, and they sat in our garage for years.  YEARS.

(I mean, like 2 years, but still that's years!)

And then I got frustrated and said either he finish it, pay for someone to finish it, or sell it.  I set a date and said if it wasn't done by then, then I was going to paint it.  With CHALK PAINT!  (His least favorite thing, mind you.)

He tried to sell it, and shocker of shockers, no one else wanted to tackle refinishing stripped and taken apart chairs, either.

So I got my grubby little mitts on the set and have been slowly working on it the past few months - Muah ah ah!

The first piece I started and finished was the hutch, mainly because I desperately needed more space to store my ridiculous amount of cookie cutters that was out of sight.

Here are the in progress pics and the final pics:

I really wanted a pop of aqua, so I did the inside of the doors, drawers, and cabinets on the bottom portion of the hutch :)
I used Folk Art Chalk Paint in Patina for the inside blue, and Rich Black for the outside.  Topcoat is General Finishes High Performance in Gloss.
(Also, whatever you do, don't use masking tape! - It was all I could find, but it did not work as well as painter's tape.)

I used Rustoleum Antique Pewter Hammered Metal Spray paint for the handles.

I love chalk paint!  One coat covers so well!

Glad that part's done!  Now to finish the table and chairs!

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