Friday, July 8, 2016

Blueberry EVERYTHING!!

Y'all.  You thought our life was crazy already.  It just got a WHOLE lot crazier - meet our newest little addition to the family - Maddie Margaret Prascher!

I mean, come on.  THOSE EYES.

Yeah, I already got a lot of crap for the name Margaret, but hear me out.  I wanted to name her Maggie, but my BIL and SIL used to have a dog named Maggie.  Honestly, I wanted to name a baby Margaret, but my husband vetoed that both times we had a girl.  Boo.  Surely, we could name our new dog that, right?  RIGHT??  Wrong.  Only ONE of my kiddos wanted to name her Margaret, and he's the one who was so frustrated that the others picked Maddie, that he started calling her Maddie Margaret.  You know what?  I love it!  So now, that's what I call her :D

What does this have to do with blueberry EVERYTHING?  I'll tell you.

We used blueberry picking as a ruse to keep the kiddos in the dark about our new puppy surprise.  The puppy breeder and the blueberry patch were only about 45 minutes apart from each other (2 hours away from us), so we figured we'd kill 2 birds with one stone.  

First up was blueberry picking, for obvious reasons.  We went to Blueberry Hill Farm in Edom, TX, and they had so many berries!  They said it was the best crop they'd seen in years!!  Needless to say, we picked a LOT of berries.  How many you ask?  11 pounds.  Yes...11!!  Oh, and a pint of blackberries that they had already picked, because YUM!

 Of course, with that many, we've had to get creative and try new recipes.  I immediately went to Pinterest (since I'm obsessed) and found so many yummy looking ones.  So far, we've tried blueberry lemonade, blueberry pie filling, blueberry pancakes, and blackberry jam.  AH-MAZING!!!!  The blueberry pie didn't last the night on the 4th of July, and it was SUPER easy to make.  Actually, they were all pretty easy to make.  I was surprised by that.  I'm thinking of making more of the filling just to use on ice cream or something, it was THAT good.  Up next on the menu are blackberry jam scones, blueberry jam, blueberry scones, and possibly a blueberry margarita.  I'll let you know how those turn out.

Here are the links to the ones we've tried so far:

Blueberry pie filling from Kleinworth & Co.
I made this and poured it into a pre-made graham cracker crust.  Oh my stars, to die for.

Recipe and photo courtesy of the Yummy Life
Made this with blackberries, and it was super easy.  I didn't make as much as this recipe calls for, so I'll try later to write out my proportions for those of you like me that *cough* don't know how to can and just want enough for one container.  

Blueberry Lemonade courtesy of Syrup and Biscuits
This was so tasty, but a little strong.  I doubled the water amount because I'm a wuss, but for those of you that like it strong, keep it the way it is :D

What are your favorite blueberry recipes?  I'm still looking, and if you have links, I'll post them here :)  

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