Sunday, October 4, 2015

31 Days of Halloween 2015 - Day 4: Healthy Treat Options Roundup

(Disclaimer - I was asked to write about healthy snacks, but am not being compensated for this post)

Halloween is all about candy, right?  RIGHT??  Well, it doesn't have to be.  I mean, a little candy here and there is great, but sugar-crazed children bouncing off the walls into the wee hours of the morning does not have to be in your future.

If you're having a class party or a fun party at your house, you can feed those boys and ghouls yummy and spooky treats that are also healthy, and save the candy for a little treat bag :)

I did a big search of Pinterest to find all the yummy and healthy looking treats.  Here are some of the treats that I found:

Drinks and Pouches

1.) Mummy juice boxes via Parties4Me
2.) Orange Juice jack-o-lanterns via A Mom Not a Professional
3.) Go-Go Squeeze Mummies via The Nerd's Wife


1.) Grape caterpillar kabobs via The Princess and the Frog
2.) Clementine Pumpkins and Banana Ghosts via One Little Project
3.) Silly Apple Bites via Fork and Beans
4.) Apple Ghosts via The Pinning Mama
5.) Mandarin Orange Cup Pumpkins via The Sweatman Family 
6.) Frankenstein Kiwis via Two Healthy Kitchens


1.) Skeleton veggie tray via Feeding Frenzy
2.) Frankenstein veggie tray via Blue Skies Ahead
3.) Candy Corn veggie tray via
4.) Jack-o-lantern veggie tray via Taste of Home


1.) Pumpkin Deviled Eggs via Tadka Pasta
2.) Cheese Broomsticks via Cocinando con Catman
3.) Spider cracker snacks via La Jolla Mom
4.) Cheesestick ghosts via Living Life on the Lane

And of course, check out's list of healthy snacks :)

Happy snacking!!

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