Saturday, October 31, 2015

31 Days of Halloween 2015 - Day 30: DIY Frankenstein Bolts

My hubby was such a trooper this year and agreed to go as the Frankenstein to my Mad Scientist.  But what is a Frankenstein monster without neck bolts??  NOTHING I TELL YOU!!

Muah ah ah!



Okay, so I went rummaging through my boys' tool bench and found a couple of plastic toy screws that they never ever played with except to maybe chew on.  They're way too old to be doing that, so I repurposed them ;)  If you don't have little boys with toys you can steal repurpose, then you can check out this shop on Amazon

First things first, you have to trim them to the right length.

I went rummaging through my husband's tools (do you see a pattern here?) and found this trimmer thingy.  Yes, all very technical.  Actually, I have no idea what this thing is called, so here's a picture.

This is what they will look like trimmed:

 I spray painted them satin nickel metal, mainly because that's what I already had in my garage.

Why yes, that is a bead stuck in the middle of the screw.  Thank you, son.

After the silver was dry, I lightly sprayed some black on there in places to make it look aged.

At this point, you can attach them with spirit gum and call it a day if you would like.  But if you don't feel like dealing with that, you can make a felt choker to put it on your neck.  I just cut a strip of felt (2 actually, and sewed a seam because it wasn't long enough for my husband's neck).  I put it on him and figured out where the bolts needed to go and cut holes in the strip.  Then I stuck the bolts through to the first ring and hot glued another piece of felt on top to keep it in place.  

For the stitch look, I cut out little square shapes all the way around on both sides.  You could sew velcro onto it if you wanted, but we just used a safety pin.  Added to the appeal ;P

I love that man :D

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