Thursday, October 15, 2015

31 Days of Halloween 2015 - Day 14: Zombie Yard Stakes

Since we've got the Mad Scientist (aka Dr. Frankenstein) who created his famous monster staying in our house this year, it only makes sense that he would have a few trial runs that didn't work.  Hence, these zombie yard stakes ;)  I saw these on Pinterest and wanted to have something like that, but let's be honest - my scroll saw skills are just not that good. And with all the other crap I'm buying, I can't justify buying them when I already have the materials to make something similar at home.  

So, if you've been following along, I made a sign for the front of the house on Day 6.  These little yard stakes are made pretty much the exact same way, but smaller.  I found some planks in my husband's scrap pile, and the nice guy at Lowe's cut them down for me when I was buying more yard stakes.

I drilled 2 holes from the back through the stake and the front, just because it is less wobbly and easier to drill that way. 

Then I took the front piece and drilled the screws through part way, so I could line them up with the holes in the stakes for easier attaching.

Et voila.  Yard stake complete.  Now to decorate.

Again, I spray painted it with a black satin paint by Rustoleum.

Once that was dry, I  took some glow in the dark duct tape, which is technically more of a fabric tape when you get down to it - and put a couple pieces over the planks.  I printed out some of the zombie hands from Picmonkey Premium and traced them onto the tape.  

I did not photo document this part because it would have been very boring for you ;P  But I used my exacto knife and cut out around the hands, peeling off the pieces I didn't need.  I did this while catching up on Season 3 of Arrow on Netflix, and it was nice because I was cutting on a board already, so I didn't have to have any sort of work surface under me.  Love getting to work in my recliner ;P

Once they were all done, I hammered those puppies into the ground, and made sure to make a sign that they were indeed his failed experiments ;)

And here they are glowing up in our yard at night.  Love them!!

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