Thursday, January 22, 2015

18 Storage Hacks for Parents

I recently joined an online web forum called Hometalk and I am LOVING it!  It's similar to Pinterest, in that you create boards and "clip" items you like to it.  But beyond that, you can ask questions for other people to answer, and it revolves entirely around home projects - improvement, storage, DIY, etc.  It feels much more personal and intimate in a way than Pinterest.

Anyway, Liz, one of the Community Managers from Hometalk, saw my fabric storage cube tutorial and asked me if I'd be willing to curate a board of storage ideas for parents.  Really?? How cool is that?!  Of COURSE I said yes!  I instantly got to work searching through Hometalk for the best storage ideas out there, and I sure did find a bunch.  They asked me to limit it to 15-20, which was harder than it sounds...there were a lot of great ideas out there!

Here is the awesome graphic that they came up with for me - go ahead and click the link below it and it'll take you over to Hometalk to check out all the awesome storage ideas.  Thanks for stopping by!!

Click here to go to my Hometalk board :D

**While I was asked to post this to my blog, I was not compensated in any way.**

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