Tuesday, December 16, 2014

25 Days of Christmas: Day 16 - Gift Idea #2 - Crochet Flower Pattern

Hello! Well, I'm trying to at least post on the correct day, seeing as I've been late several times throughout this series.  Sorry about that ;P  Life is crazy this time of year!

Anyhoo...I saw these coasters on Pinterest and LOVED them.  But I couldn't find the pattern anywhere...I kept coming up with dead links and deleted posts :(  So I did another Pinterest search for crocheted flower coasters.  I found several, like this one - but it was in Dutch.  Which, even translated, was hard for me to understand.  I did finally land on this one, which was helpful.  Honestly, it was such a weird journey for how this pattern came into being, I can't remember which one I tweaked the most to get it.  Therefore I'm linking to all of them ;P

You might notice that I didn't title it as a coaster pattern.  That's because these are actually quite versatile.  I made them with Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Cotton," so it is nice and absorbent.  They would be super cute as a little face scrubby or dishcloth :D

Here's how I did it - sorry, no step by step pictures right now, but if I get a chance tomorrow, I will come back and do that.

Start by doing a magic ring.

Work a *dc, ch1* 12 times in the ring, then join with a slip stitch to tighten.  This should leave you with 12 chain spaces.

Ch 3,  and do 2 dc in the next chain space.  Do 3 dc in each space around and join with slip stitch (Still should have 12 spaces)

*Slip Stitch in between the 1st and 2nd double crochet, ch 5, then slip stitch between the 2nd and 3rd dc.* Repeat around all spaces.  Join with a slip stitch so you have 12 "petals"

Do 5 dc the first petal, then slip stitch in between petals around to the end.  Join with a slip stitch at the end and bind off.

This might seem kind of confusing without pics, as I'm reading through it.  If you have any problems before I get them added, let me know and I'll see if I can answer them for you.

Happy crafting!!

**Don't feel like making them yourself?  Check out my business page - I can make some for you :D**

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