Thursday, November 20, 2014

10 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 3: The Never-ending Crazy

Today has been...let's just be honest for a second - crazy.  Like, my girls are acting like prepubescent emotionally charged girls when they're only 5 and 8.  Screaming.  Weeping.  Wailing.

Then there are the boys.  Also screaming, but not for the same reason as the girls.  They're just loud.  Like, boys-can't-handle-life-without-bouncing-off-the-walls-being-hyper-and-screaming loud.

There was a lot of noise in my house today.  But I'm thankful for it.  While some of it was angry, sad, hyper loud, a bit of it was really fun, too.  Happy laughter, dancing to 80s music, bouncing and squealing in glee.  That part was pretty awesome.

I know that in however many years, my house will get very VERY quiet, and I'll miss the crazy loud noises.  So I'm choosing to be thankful for it today and everyday until the quiet takes over.  But I'll be really thankful for that when it happens, too ;P

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