Tuesday, October 28, 2014

31 Days of Halloween 2014 - Day 28: Little Monkey Trick-or Treat Bag


As Little Man gets older, he just reminds me of a little monkey - his ears pop out a bit and his sweet little voice saying gibberish - I can't help it.  So this year, he'll be going as a cute little monkey in a costume that Grandma found.  His trick or treat bag is brown and has a little banana on it ;)

5 sheets of brown felt
1 sheet of yellow felt

Google a banana outline or clipart and blow up to full Letter size, or just free-hand an oval shape with a stem.

Use your template or freehand design and cut out of yellow felt.  I used brown thread, and sewed it to a piece of brown felt in portrait orientation (unlike the other 2 bags I made here and here.)  I used brown thread to give the banana some dimension.  I also cut a stem and bottom piece out of brown felt and sewed them on.  

Cut another piece of brown felt in half lengthwise for 2 strips 4.5"x12".  These will be the sides of the bag.  Cut another strip from a 3rd piece of felt that is 4.5"x 9".  Sew them together long-short-long.  Follow instructions for the Silvermist bag for attaching the sides and back, and the Elsa bag for the cutting, sewing, and attaching the straps.  

Just as a tip, when I sew on the sides, I sew all the way to the end, then flip the flap back toward where I've already sewn and sew across the bottom.  I just find that the easiest way to sew corners, but you can do it however you'd like.

So cute for my little monkey :D

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