Monday, October 27, 2014

31 Days of Halloween 2014 - Day 25: Captain America Shield Trick-or-Treat Bag

Well, the weekend happened and I did not finish these until today.  They didn't take a long time to make, it was just a matter of trying to take pictures that didn't suck.  I will say, out of the 4 character trick-or-treat bags I made for my kiddos, this was the hardest...but only because of the stiffness of the fabric.  If I were to make this again, I would use the red felt for the sides and back, because it was way less stiff than the white felt I had already.  I'm therefore giving a supply list with that in mind.  If you want it exactly like I made it, you will only need 2 sheets of red and 4 sheets of white.

Here goes:

5 large sheets of red felt (12x18)
1 large sheet of blue felt (12x18)
1 large sheet of white felt (12x18)
Red, White, and Blue thread (which I already had on hand)
Free Pattern

Since I already had the thread, this project came to a grand total of $5.25 + tax.  Each sheet of felt was $0.75.

Cut 2 of the 12" circle and one of the 8" circle out of red felt.  The largest circle may not completely fit on the felt, so I had a couple "flat" spots on the sides.  Since I was sewing the side strips to it, I didn't worry about it too much.

Cut the 10" circle and the star out of white felt.

Cut the 6" circle out of blue felt.

From the remaining blue felt, cut 2 strips lengthwise about 2" wide each.

First, sew the 6" blue circle to the 8" red circle with blue thread.

Sew the white star to the blue circle with white thread (we do this second so you don't have blue thread showing on the white star.)

Sew the 10" white circle to the 12" red circle with white thread.

Sew the 8" red circle to the 10" white circle.

Take a sheet of red felt (12x18) and cut in half lengthwise so you have 2 6"x18" strips.  Take another sheet of red felt and cut a strip 6"x12"

(It shows white in the picture, but I would recommend doing red instead.)

Align the 2 pieces horizontally, jut the ends together and zigzag stitch them together with matching thread (remember, this should be red, not white.)

Fold your strip in half (the zigzag section will NOT be in the center, and this is better.  You don't want  a weaker spot, i.e. a seam at the center bottom of your bag.)  Line up the center of the strip with the center of the shield circle.

Pin the strip onto the shield all the way around.  The strip is probably longer than you will need, so figure out how wide you want the opening to be and trim the sides accordingly.  Mine ended up being about 26" long.  Sew together using red thread and trim to even out seams.

Do the same for the back.

Take the blue strips that you made, fold them in half and sew the side.

Pin the straps to the inside of both front and bag and stitch securely, trimming as needed.

And that's it!  I made this last minute, so as previously mentioned, there are a few things I would change.  But for less than $6 and an afternoon, it's good enough!  Ha!  If you have a little Captain America this Halloween, too, you still have time to make him a shield bag!  If you make it, I'd love to see pics of what you come up with :D  

Here's our little Captain America, ready to fight crime and get candy!

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