Monday, October 20, 2014

31 Days of Halloween 2014 - Day 20: Eyeball Earrings

If yesterday's post was the cheapest thing on this list, well, this item is probably the easiest.  I'm not even exaggerating.  I feel bad even calling this a tutorial, it's that easy.  Here's all you need:

Super Glue gel
Girly Wiggly Eyes (or any wiggly eyes, really).  I used 7mm.

Lay your wiggly eyes face down on a flat, covered surface (if you care about the surface.  I totally don't with my craft table because it's already a mess.)  Put just the tiniest dot of Super Glue gel on the earring post pad, and press it onto the back of the wiggly eye.  It it squeezes out the sides, you used too much.  It seriously takes almost nothing.  Let it dry for a while or overnight, and you have yourself a new pair of fun earrings for Halloween!

And because I hate taking pictures of myself, I decided to model them on this lovely little owl.  Here she is angry...

...and here, she's just plain tired of my antics.  I feel ya', chica.  We're all done.  Thanks for being my model ;)

If you make any, I'd love to see pics of what you come up with, so post 'em in the comments!  Thanks :D

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