Tuesday, October 14, 2014

31 Days of Halloween 2014 - Day 14: Tiered Faux Mercury Glass Pumpkin Stands

I've seen these tiered displays everywhere, and wanted to try my hand at it.  These were super easy and relatively cheap to make.

3 tea light holders from the dollar store (or anything else that you want to use) - $3
Mirror glass spray - $11.99 at Hobby Lobby, and I used my 40% off, so it was $7.19
Spray bottle of vinegar and water (1:1 ratio) (free because I already had it)
Paper towel
mini pumpkins ($3.99 for 8 at Kroger)

Put your candlesticks upside down on a covered surface and lightly spray with mirror glass spray.  Spritz with the vinegar/water combo, then lightly tap on the beads with a paper towel.  Let dry.  You can repeat this a couple of times, letting each layer dry in between for a more intense look.

It's seriously that simple.  Let dry, put where you want them, and put your pumpkins on top.  I wanted white mini pumpkins, but couldn't find them at Kroger.  Maybe I'll make a trip to Sprouts and see if they have any ;)

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