Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Vintage Muscle Man Costume Tutorial

Earlier, I posted a tutorial for the infant Muscle Man Onesie.  That was Part 1 of the vintage muscle man costume tutorial.  We still need to have the unitard, belt, and barbells :)  So here's that tutorial - some pictures I can't find (it's been almost a year since then, after all), so you'll have to bear with me and use your imagination :D

First up - the unitard.  At the time I made this, striped knit fabric was not readily available at the fabric stores near me (namely Joann and Hobby Lobby.)  Now, it's everywhere.  If you can't find it by the yard easily, do what I did and head on over to Goodwill or your closest second hand store.  I found a tshirt for I think a dollar and just cut it out of that.

For the patter, find a sleeper that fits your baby and lay it on a large piece of paper (I use this newsprint paper for my patterns) or tape a few pieces of computer paper together.  Either works.

Lay it flat and trace around the sleeper. This is the shape you want, so draw that in over your outline.

Since I cut mine out of a tshirt, I kept the bottom hem to save myself some time.  Pin right sides together at the crotch, on the sides and at the shoulders.  Sew using either a zig zag or straight stretch stitch (I prefer the stretch stitch - it's my favorite thing ever!!)  Turn right side out and you're done!  Don't worry about hemming the neckline or armholes - knit fabric typically doesn't fray, so I wouldn't take the time unless you really want to.

For the belt, get a buckle at the craft store and some black elastic that is the same width of the buckle.  Wrap the elastic around the center bar (if it has a tine, poke that through the elastic and then wrap around and sew closed.)  You don't need to bother putting grommets or anything on it, you can just poke the tine through the elastic easily when you put it on your baby.  To wear, wrap around your baby's waist and fasten buckle like any other belt, poking the tine through the elastic wherever you need to.  (I realize that there are not pictures of his belt here - I couldn't find it the next day when these pictures were taken and didn't get any really good pictures on Halloween of it - sorry!)

Yes, this really IS the best picture I could get that night - and daddy had already started changing him.  But you can sort of see the belt ;P

Let's see, what else.  Oh yes, the barbells :)  

This took some time to figure out how to do.  I ended up buying 2 toy balls and a fairy wand at the dollar store.  I ripped the top off the wand and just used the stick, taping it with black Gorilla tape to the 2 toy balls.  Once they were all attached, I spray painted the balls and stick black and painted on the number "500" with white craft paint and a brush.  It didn't work too well - I guess I could have gotten stickers, but I was trying to keep the cost down.  It sufficed ;P

As for the boots - they were MISERABLE to make.  I was dumb, cheap, and stubborn, and tried to tweak a pattern that I had bought forever ago on sale.  I don't even think they make it anymore.  Anyhoo, I tried to extend them up past the ankle and they never fit right.  These patterns (OneTwo) might work a little better, if you feel like tweaking them to your needs, or using them as is.  When you do make them, if you're going to use grommets (you can buy kits with instructions on how to do this at the craft store), be aware that felt will NOT hold up, so you will need to use pleather or vinyl.  Yeah, learned that one the hard way.

Last but not least, get some liquid eyeliner in black and draw a cute little mustache on his lip - vintage muscle man complete!

Okay, I think that's everything!!  Enjoy :D

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