Monday, April 21, 2014

$5 Bunny Butt Shorts and Baby Ties DIY - Easter 2014

This Easter weekend seemed to fly by!  I had the privilege of getting to lead worship in the kids ministry at our church this weekend.  SO MUCH FUN!  I adore getting to do that and seeing their sweet faces worshipping God - there's nothing better than that ;)

Because I was pretty busy with orders and baking and sewing Easter outfits and preparing for leading worship, I was very thankful that the grandmas decided to do all the traditional Easter projects with the kiddos - dyeing eggs, egg hunt, etc.  Such a blessing.  Here's a photo dump of all the fun times :D  Thank you to Papa Dan for taking some awesome pics!

The girls wouldn't pose by themselves for their dresses, so I had to join them ;P
The girls wanted me to make their dresses this year, so I showed them a bunch of pictures I had from Pinterest and they picked their favorites - then they gave me some modifications that they wanted ;P

E wanted this dress, but longer and in pink:

C wanted this dress but longer, without sleeves, and blue:

For E's dress, I tried to draft my own bodice pattern in addition to the skirt.  Did NOT work out well and I had to put it on her, pin it, and tweak it several times.  With C, I just decided to use a bodice pattern from a different dress pattern that I had and call it a day.  I didn't have enough fabric to make the skirt more ruffled, so that was a bummer, but all in all I think they turned out okay.

BUNNY BUTT!!  I've had this little poof ball for YEARS, but never knew what to do with it.  I found it a few days ago and it finally occurred to me - it would make a perfect bunny tail!  I just hand sewed it in place on a pair of $4 shorts from Walmart.  This was by far the most popular item I made this year - every little girl that walked by had to stop, point, and say "AWWWWW!!!  Look at the bunny tail!!"  

Handsome Mr. D. in his tie :)

For the ties, I used this tutorial, but not the pattern.  I wanted the back of the tie to be longer, so I drafted my own pattern and three tries later, I got these :)  I just measured how long I wanted their ties to be and doubled that for the total length, then copied the basic shape of the tie pattern from the tutorial.  D's tie was 12" long, and J's tie was 10" long.  For the neck piece, I cut a rectangle about 2"x20", and then followed her tutorial.  I didn't sew them in place like she suggested and that's probably why the back kept popping out on J's tie, but I think they turned out pretty cute!  And it didn't hurt that I MAYBE paid $5 for each of them ;)

I love how the polka dots on the ties lined up just perfectly on BOTH boys to look like a little bunny face - especially when the ties are off because the straps look like ears ;P

Praise God for His wonderful blessings and the greatest gift of His Son!  He is RISEN!

God bless :D

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