Tuesday, December 3, 2013

House Update - November

Well, things have been insane here in our house.  First, I strained a ligament in the center of my left foot and have been in a LOVELY boot for about 3 weeks.  We'll see what the doctor says when I go this week, but I'm thinking I'll have to be in it a bit longer.  Needless to say, there has been no getting on ladders to paint...and It. Is. Driving. Me. CRAZY!  I just want to get it all done already!!

So, between that, the holidays, and Brian's crazy work schedule, not a whole lot has been finished.  As of right now, here's a recap of all that has been done and is left to do:

Downstairs -

Study still completely a wreck and unfinished :/
Dining room is waiting for floor to be finished and furniture to be painted.
Entryway is in need of better organization for kids' stuff and coats, etc.
Kitchen and breakfast area ceiling has been painted, but the walls are still poopy brown.  Cabinets need a good coat of stain and handles as well.
Living room has been PAINTED!  WOOHOO!  My husband is such a stud, getting up on that scaffolding and painting the walls AND ceiling :D
Staircase - we're still figuring out how to paint it...
Powder room - needs new trim and beadboard.
Master - still a complete disaster area full of boxes.  The bathroom has been painted and cabinets have been stained, but have not been reassembled.  Mirrors and lights still need to go back up.

Upstairs -

All the baseboards have been put in except for the playroom and craft room.
I painted one door black, and then my sister came for the holiday, so we put the doors back up unfinished ;P  That will have to be worked on at a later time.
Kids bathroom is almost done!!  I just have to finish the shower curtain and hooks for the towels, get a toilet paper holder and it will be completed :D
Craft room is a mess, but I use it anyway ;P
Playroom bathroom has painted ceilings, but we've been waiting for the kids' bathroom to be done so we could transition everything over there and put this one out of commission for a while.

I think that's everything.  I'll try to post some pictures soon.  I've got to find them in the abyss of my iPhoto dump.

I also got the chance to take some pictures of some SUPER cute babies today in my holiday line of hair bows.  I'll edit those and post as soon as those are done :D

Thanks for stopping by!

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