Thursday, October 31, 2013

BOOM! It's Halloween!!!!

DUDE!  We made it!!  Malcolm is so excited!  Not only is it Halloween, but he found his buddy, King Tut and now they're partying like it's 1999 B.C.

Now on to pictures of the festivities - didn't get a bunch of great pictures because the lighting in our house is terrible (makes things fuzzy and blurry), but you get the idea.

The outside of our house:

My Pinspiration:

And the link to Paper Crave's templates.

My Pinspiration:

From this website

You might notice our buddy, Jiminy (or Jimmy as C calls him) hanging out on our pumpkin.  He was very comfortable and in no mood to go anywhere, so I snapped him in the pic, too ;P

We carved our pumpkin and ate caramel apples on Wednesday:

 And then the costumes:

E was a cowgirl - this was taken after she got back, in an attempt to get better lighting, but sans hat and boots :/

C as Ariel.  She did not wear the bow trick or treating, though.  This was also afterwards.  Notice the red hairspray ;P

D as a cowboy

Our crew :D
Me as a vintage comic book character

My Pinspiration:
I did yellow instead of red, though...

J as a vintage strongman.  He would not under any circumstance pick up his barbell, though :(

And my sad attempt to get better pictures of him today - couldn't find his belt.  That, and he refused to be still long enough to get a good pic!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Malcolm Day 1

Tomorrow's the big day, folks!!  I bought apple cider to make hot spiced cider tonight for our pumpkin carving, and Malcolm was so excited, he (unbeknownst to me) climbed into the fridge.  And got stuck there overnight.  Oops.  He looks pretty chilly!

Awww, C didn't want him to be cold, so she wrapped him up in her Tink (her very special blanky)

Thanks, C!  You made him all better :D

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Funniest Halloween Costumes of 2013

Okay, so last year, I came up with a list of the best Halloween costumes of 2012.  I did not really have any plan to do the same thing this year, but in my Pinterest-ing, I came across some that were just too funny not to share.  I mean, these literally made me laugh out loud:
I mean...why...just why??

And my personal favorite...

Edgar Allen Ho.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Some people are just brilliant - that or they have way, WAY too much time on their hands ;P

Malcolm Day 2

2 MORE DAYS!!  Malcolm is so excited, he's counting down the minutes :)  

Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Outfits

I found the cutest fabric this year at Hobby Lobby (of course ;P).  The girls did not want to match, much to my chagrin, but then I realized I could experiment more - so it all worked out in the end ;)

Above is my little C modeling her purple Halloween sweets skirt.  

Here is my Pinspiration:

Super cute, no?  You can check out her store here.

I was going to do a tutorial for this, but when I saw that this was from an etsy store, I just didn't feel right.  So, sorry about that.  But you can always go purchase them from Babe a Gogo!

And E's skirt:

I even added pockets to it :)  I did not take pictures when making this because I was afraid it wouldn't work, but if y'all would like me to do one, let me know.  

And here was my Pinspiration for it:

From Zulily

And for the boys, I made Halloween suspenders following this tutorial - only I didn't do the interfacing.  It would have helped, but I figured they'd wear these about once, so I wasn't about to take more time making them than was absolutely necessary.

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