Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cloth Diaper Insanity - Part 3

Okay, so I haven't written about this in a while because I haven't worked on it in a while.  Honestly, I had to get away from it.  I was SO frustrated by working my booty off, only to have it leak everywhere EVERY time.

Fast forward about a month.

I did a lot of research.  I mean a LOT.  Fabric options.  Styles.  Patterns.  What's more absorbent?  What resists wicking?  How do you make it easy and adjustable?  Ugh.  My brain was about to explode!

And then my sewing machine died - as in "my 4 year old knocked it off the table and completely snapped the inner frame" died.  Dead.  Ka-blooey.  I borrowed my mother's 20+ year old Singer and was honestly terrified to use it.  I don't know what it is about using new-to-me equipment, but it definitely makes me procrastinate - maybe because I'm always scared of the learning curve.  Turns out I remembered exactly how to use it from when I used to sew on it as a kid.  Go figure ;)

So I got sewing and it felt so good to be sewing again.  I can't explain it.  The dread that I had waiting to work on this project again was perhaps unfounded.  I don't know.

I'm hoping it works this time.  I found basic measurements for different diaper sizes, and used that to draft my own pattern.  As part of an online garage sale group on Facebook, I was able to get some really inexpensive cloth diapers to use as inspiration - mainly seeing that they used double-sided velcro tabs to make adjustability easy and AWESOME!  I bought Zorb fabric online because it is supposedly the most amazingly absorbent fabric ever.  And also read that you should line the diaper cover with fleece because it's water resistant and will prevent wicking.   Oh, and I used snaps to attach the liner to the cover so that it doesn't shift around all over the place.

All of this put together makes a pretty cute diaper, and I'm really, REALLY hoping that it works.  We're putting it to the ultimate test tonight - overnight diaper.  I made the liner with a double layer of Zorb, a double layer of Birdseye cloth, and a bottom layer of polar fleece, to prevent more leakage.  If this thing doesn't work, then I'm almost to the point of thinking that nothing will.  Here's hoping we don't have a massive leak in the morning ;)

Want the whole history of my cloth diaper-making journey?  Check out parts 11.5, and 2.

***UPDATE - well, little man woke up around 4:30am (as usual) and was only a little wet on the front of his pjs.  This is actually very normal for him, even in a disposable, because the kid apparently pees a ridiculous amount for his size.  Seriously.  Like, a LOT.  Plus he has learned how to roll over and sleeps on his tummy all the time whether we want him to or not.  So...boy+tummy sleeping=front leakage.  There's no getting around this I've decided, so since I'm always washing wet and poopy clothes with disposables ANYWAY, I might as well go with the design I came up with and save myself some money.  The design, by the way, fits him REALLY well compared to the ones I bought online...which I pretty much can't stand.  Hmmm, maybe I CAN start selling these ;)  I'll post some pics later.***

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