Sunday, January 20, 2013

Faithful in the little things

I'm a hot mess.  As in a forgetful, scatterbrained, clumsy, running in way too many directions, "I'd forget my own head if it wasn't attached" kind of hot mess.  As a result, I've been losing things my whole life.  Keys, jackets, shoes, papers - you name it.  After my last key debacle, I actually consciously put my keys in the baby's portable carseat, thinking "surely HERE I'll see them before we leave."  WRONG...I was talking and sat the baby RIGHT DOWN on top of them, strapped him in, then proceeded to frantically search for 10 minutes for them.  Ridiculous.  Today, it was my daughter's Girl Scout cookie order form.  Finally found it, so that's good.  But you know what I started doing when I was younger?  Praying.  Praying that God will help me find what I lost, and trusting Him to do it.  I felt ridiculous at first, thinking "Why on EARTH would God care about helping me find my keys??" But every time, He follows through and I find what I'm looking for.   The older I get, I realize that this is exactly what He wants us to do - trust Him in the little things.  Yes, even with helping us find lost keys.  Because in trusting Him with those little, insignificant things, we are training our minds and souls to constantly and consistently be thinking about Him, focusing on Him, and trusting in Him with all that we have and with all that we are.  So pray for Him to help you find your keys - He might just surprise you with how much He cares about you - especially in the little things.

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