Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cookie fail

This post is just for giggles.  My daughter's class party was on Thursday and she wanted Barbie cookies.  I thought I'd be all awesome and try making a striped background with a black silhouette that I traced with food marker.  I had it all planned out in my head - it was going to be epically (is that even a word??) amazing.  The reality, however, was far from what I had pictured.  As, I should mention, it usually is ;P  The frosting was too gooey and kept pouring off the edges of the cookies, and then the silhouette was a bit too small, so getting the facial features just right was basically impossible.  I was sitting there willing the frosting to go into place with a toothpick.  Some of them were okay.  Most of them - not so much.  So, my sweet baby Charlie went to school with a few Barbie cookies and a whole bunch more of Barbie's cousin - the Dog-Faced Girl.  *sigh*.  At least it's good for a few laughs ;P


Barbie's cousin, the Dog-Faced Girl.

Hope you got a good giggle out of my blunder!

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