Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Punch Drunk Sleepy Crazy

Oh. My. Word.  Holy. Sleep. Deprivation. Batman.

Seriously, I can't even make my brain work anymore.  I was at the doctor's office with my 2nd child for an ear infection yesterday, and when they asked me to fill out some paperwork, I literally stood and stared at the form for 2 minutes before I even processed what I was looking at.  After that, I printed where I was supposed to sign and couldn't for the life of me remember what the date was.  So embarrassing.

With this information in mind, please bear with me as my blog posts over the next few weeks and months will most likely not make much coherent sense.  It's the holidays, and I so desperately want to blog about all kinds of fun, Christmas-y things, but time and energy - they escape me.  To make up for my lack of creativity, I will simply post other people's stuff that I love.  But not today.  No, not today.  Today I sleep.  Goodnight :D

DUDE!!!  I found this article, and it totally explains why I ate that entire box of chocolates today - or at least why I wanted to.  It's the baby's fault ;P


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