Monday, November 12, 2012

Nesting Instinct

Well, Baby Boy is due any day now - 5 days from now to be precise - but I would just LOVE for him to come right now so I can be done with this pregnancy.  Any woman who has reached this stage in the game knows what I'm talking about - seriously, it's miserable.  Heartburn, round ligament pain, your body aches because every joint in your body is relaxing in preparation of labor, and you have to pee every 2 minutes.  My favorite is when people say "Get some rest while you can" because there hasn't been such a thing as uninterrupted sleep in a long time.  Oh well.  Anyway, I have a tendency to get a hardcore nesting instinct each time I'm pregnant, and that usually results in a sewing rampage of some kind.  This time was no different.  Just to give you an idea of how crazy I am, I've attached some pictures so you can see my insanity.  Maybe after Little Mr. is born I can post some tutorials on how I made this stuff, but today is not that day.  Sorry!  Anyway, hope all is well with you all out in cyber world!

Carseat redo - this was a hand-me-down from a sweet friend, but it was black and hot pink.  Didn't think Little Mr. would want to come home in that ;P

Close-up of the inside with headrest and strap covers.  I didn't want the really thick strap covers because I just felt like that would be too much fabric around his neck.  These are SUPER easy to make.  May be the first tutorial I do post-baby.

Carseat blanket.  Looks a little ghetto, but it will do the job!!

Diaper bag - this one, I'm actually quite proud of.  Designed it and everything ;)

Paci tote - no more digging in the diaper bag for it, and it attaches with a clip, so I can attach it to the carseat if I'd rather.

Baby mitts made from an old t-shirt of mine.  Also super easy.

Paci strap.

Changing pad

Can hold the wipes case and a diaper so you don't have to bring the whole bag with you.  I thought about adding a strap, but just didn't want to deal with it.  I might just regret that decision in the future.  We'll see...

Storage pouch - can be used for anything - extra diapers, nursing cover (or both, in my case)

Sling and storage strap - yeah, I know, I folded the sling inside-out.  This sucker's LONG and hard to roll up, so I'm not that concerned about it.  The style is like a Moby - just a long piece of knit fabric that you wrap around your body.  We'll see how well it works when Little Mr. arrives.

The inside of the diaper bag with all the goodies included.

Newborn cocoon and hat - I thought these colors looked like a snow owl, so I added little wings ;P

Slippers for me.  They look a little dumb off your foot....

But definitely cuter on.

They're supposed to have a cute decorative strap, but I just didn't feel like putting that much effort into it for just me.

Hospital gown - regular knit nightgown repurposed, with snap/velcro openings at back, shoulders, and underarms.  We'll see how comfortable it actually is on the big day.

And a nightshirt/pants set repurposed into a nursing nightgown.  A little granny-ish perhaps, but I don't care.  It was cheap :D  Thank you Ross!!

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