Friday, October 19, 2012

31 Days of Halloween 2012 - Day 19: The "Bow"hawk

Well, today was "Crazy Hair Day" at E's school, and let's just say that those kids (or probably parents) are VERY creative!  Last night, E and I did about 5 different hairstyles, and with each one, she kept saying "I want that one!".  With this being the last one we did, she decided to go with it ;)  The darker pictures are from this morning before the sun came up, and the better, brighter ones are from this afternoon after school (hence the reason the little buns are falling out...)

Here's how you do it (I don't have pictures of the process because I wasn't sure which one we were going to stick with and, let's be honest, I was too dang tired at 6:30 am to do it...)

1. Starting at the top, do five small ponytails down the back of the head.  I used the small clear elastics because they hold a little better with super fine kid hair.

2. Twist the ponytails until they wind up on themselves into little, messy buns and pin with a bobby pin.

You can kind of see the little buns in this picture...
3.  (optional) Get some colored hairspray and color that sucker up!  E, of course, wanted hot pink.

4.  Put bows at the front of each mini-bun.  And you now have your "bow"hawk!


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