Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 Days of Halloween 2012 - Day 13: Most Impressive Costumes I've Ever Seen

I love looking at and making costumes for Halloween.  I did a lot of research this year for my kids and myself and came across some good, some bad, and some stinkin' AMAZING costumes.  Here's a list of the most impressive ones I found:

Mummy Mask:
Seriously, yo...this is intense... source and instructions

Grayscale Makeup:

Grayscale costumes - yeah, that's makeup, folks...

Old School Comic Book Character:

MAC cosmetics painted this beauty.

Light Up Man:

photo source

Transformers Costume:

Instructions here

Weeping Angel Statue Costume:

I think this is amazing!  photo source
Papercraft Self Portrait Costume:

Photo source

Graffiti Art Costume:

photo source

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Costume:

Photo source

Avengers Box Costumes:

photo source

Seriously, all of these are INCREDIBLE!!!  Which one is your favorite??

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